Get your rake while playing online poker

Rake is a fee that online poker rooms charge players on every pot. Usually, the rake equals about 5% of the pot with a limit at $5. Rake is also paid while playing tournaments and is around 10% of the buy-in. While this may not seem like much, when you ultimately play hundreds or thousands of hands every month, you pay a lot of rake. A serious player, playing low stakes can easily pay up to $1000 in rake each month. This is where rakeback come in. Online rooms offer players rakeback, which encourage the players to play more, win more and at the same time prove to be a steady income for the poker room.

The rakeback you get from a poker room is calculated as your monthly gross revenue, which is the total rake you have paid less bonuses, multiplied by your rakeback percentage. For example, if your monthly gross revenue is $1000 and your rakeback is at 25%, you would be get $1,000 x 0.25 = $250. Most rakeback sites offer you access to statistics to enable you to calculate and know how much rake you have paid in a month. Almost all poker variations are eligible for rakeback and in most poker rooms tournament fees are also included in the rakeback.